Find someone who...: A whole-class activity to familiarize students with key people in the federal government and places in Canada.

Assessment rubrics

Criteria and marking rubric for assessing assignments:


Assignments to familiarize students with different aspects of Canada and current events:

  • Canada Map: A map assignment to familiarize students with Canada's political geography, including the provinces and territories, capital cities, and major bodies of water. Available in two levels: Level 1 (grades 5-7) and Level 2 (grades 8-10).
  • Canadiana Assignment: A series of questions requiring students to use selected websites and other resources to find out more about the policital and geographic structure of Canada. Includes answer key. Available in two levels: level 1 (grades 5-7) and Level 2 (grades 8-10).
  • Government Services: An assignment to familiarize students with the various services provided by the different levels of government. Both Level 1 and Level 2.
  • News Summary: A 5-page assignment that requires students to select a story from a newspaper, identify key details, and write a summary of the article. Includes graphic organizer and assessment rubric.

Graphic organizers

Blank graphic organizers – everything from Big Ideas to Venn Diagrams.


Find someone who...template.

What in the World? helps to inform students and many now actually look forward to reading some sections of the daily newspapers. [The resource] also helps to lighten the teacher’s load...major issues are laid out and assignments and exercises are fun, educational and age-appropriate.

C. McAloon, Grade 10 teacher High Prairie, AB