How are articles selected?

Articles are carefully selected from main, credible news sites such as based on the following criteria: non-sensational, significant within society, and relevant to students and the curriculum. Articles that could be offensive to some readers or that are potentially inappropriate for the target age group are avoided.

Who writes the stories and develops the curriculum?

News4Youth is produced by a talented team of writers and teachers from across Canada.

What are the similarities and differences between What in the World? and News4Youth?


  • aimed at grades 7 and up
  • focus on current events
  • make meaningful use of the Internet
  • facilitate non-fiction reading, development of background knowledge and vocabulary
  • promote literacy

Key Differences:

  • range of articles: The Canadian Reader focuses on Canadian current events and issues only, and includes comics, a generic lesson plan to teach literacy strategies, and a map assignment; News4Youth includes articles from all major news categories (such as Environment, Sports, Entertainment,  Science, and Technology) and does not focus exclusively on Canadian stories
  • format: The Canadian Reader is a print/pdf publication that includes lesson plans and is meant to be explored in a classroom setting; News4Youth is an interactive publication that can be well-utilized in the classroom but is also easy to use at home, in the library or a lab on any Internet-connected device available to the student.
  • publication schedule: The Canadian Reader is published once a month, 8 times per year; News4Youth is published once per week, 38 times per year


For more information on the functionality of News4Youth, please see our Help page.