“Monsoon on Steroids”
People use a makeshift raft to navigate floodwaters from monsoon rains, in the Dadu district of Sindh Province in Pakistan, on September 9, 2022. (AP Photo/Fareed Khan)

“Monsoon on Steroids”

“A monsoon on steroids” has caused deadly flooding in Pakistan. Thirty-three million people – almost the population of Canada – have been affected. This unprecedented disaster has killed 1500 people and injured 13,000.

Two million homes were damaged or destroyed. The damage is estimated at $30 billion US.


Mourning Queen Elizabeth II

Flags were lowered to half mast in September across the United Kingdom, Canada, and many other Commonwealth nations to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Polio Returns

Have you heard this story? A deadly virus sweeps through North America, infecting millions of people. Most people who catch the virus don’t feel sick at all.

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A Dangerous Storm

On Saturday, May 21, a destructive storm tore through parts of Ontario and Quebec. It killed ten people, caused severe property damage, and left many without power.

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A Bad Year for Bees

Canadian beekeepers got a heartbreaking shock when they opened their hives this spring – dead bees. Many times, entire hives were wiped out.

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